School Transport

Children are encouraged to walk or cycle to school whenever possible. If parents are delivering and collecting children by car they should not obstruct the driveways of nearby homes or park on the zigzag lines.  There is ample car parking space up or down the road from the school.  All children should be delivered and collected from the school playground by parents/guardians/approved drivers.  If, at any time, other people (who are unknown to the school) are to collect your child or children, please notify the school beforehand.

The Mid-day Lunch / Morning Breaks

No meals are prepared at the school, although the possibility of hot school meals is being investigated.

Packed lunches are consumed in the KS2 classroom or outside on picnic tables, weather permitting.  Water is provided but you may wish to send a drink in a non-breakable container.   Please note that there are no cold storage facilities for lunches, so please prepare meals with this in mind.  Staff try to encourage children to eat their lunches but it is worth checking with your children that all is well with this.

All children in Reception/KS1 are provided with a free piece of fruit or vegetable every day for morning break.  KS2 may bring fruit/vegetables in for morning snack.

Any parent who may think their child is eligible for free meals should contact the school office.  It is necessary for you to show evidence of your entitlement.  If you are entitled to free school meals, a packed lunch will be provided at school.

Bringing Personal Items to School

Most equipment and material for your child’s education is provided by the school.  Occasionally a teacher will ask children to bring in special items such as cotton reels, empty cereal boxes, etc.

The school wishes to discourage, and cannot accept responsibility for toys, money or for any form of jewellery.  Sweets must not be brought to school but bottles water is encoraged.  All personal items, including clothing, should be named.

Race Equality

Ashill School promotes welfare, health, and safety and provides guidance for all pupils, regardless of their ethnic background and operates within Equal Opportunity and Racial Equality Policies.