Special Education Needs (including exceptionally able children)

Normally, class teachers organise the curriculum for children across the ability range.  The Code of Practice for Special Education Needs (SEN) requires schools to provide for children who have specific or general learning difficulties.  Help is given either in a small group situation or through support in the classroom.  The purpose is to support these children so they may have access to the curriculum in a way that is meaningful to them and enable them to record/communicate their findings.

Children in need of specific help are identified in consultation with parents, and are given specific targets to achieve.  Some children may be referred to the County’s SEN team or to the Educational Psychological Services.  Occasionally this may lead to a formal Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Except in extreme circumstances, all children will follow the National Curriculum programme of study.  We will keep you fully informed of your child’s specific needs and it is hoped we can rely on your co-operation and help in meeting those needs.

Children identified as being exceptionally “able” are also supported, according to their needs.

We believe that a team approach is essential if the children are to reach their full potential and we encourage children, parents and staff to work together towards this goal.  All staff have undertaken, and successfully completed (and passed), the Somerset Total Communication (STC) course which will help us support children with different learning needs and styles.

The school has a child protection policy and the headteacher is the designated member of staff with responsibility for child protection. A copy of the policy is kept in the school office and may be seen upon request. Parents who wish to know more about child protection within the community or wish to seek confidential advice on such issues should speak to the headteacher.  

Pupils with Disabilities

The school regards all children living in the catchment area or who move into the catchment area as its moral responsibility.  No child will be excluded on the basis of its perceived academic or physical disability.

Currently our school is physically accessible, in all areas, to all our pupils.  Any special arrangements required by a child are faced as the need arises.  Alterations to the accessibility plan, to the buildings or changes required by health and safety issues will be considered with regard to the individual’s needs, as necessary.

Access to the curriculum is the right of any pupil.  However, it is essential that pupils achieve EQUALITY of access if they are to make any progress.  By this we mean that they understand what they are doing because the work has been made accessible for their particular needs.  This is an objective to which the staff of Ashill is working continually through differentiation in all its forms.