Ashill Injury

Sick Children / Accidents / Injuries

Children with any sign of sickness should not be sent to school except on the recommendation of a doctor.  Supervision of children unable to be outside at playtime is not practicable except under exceptional circumstances.  If your child becomes ill at school you will be contacted.

Please inform the school of any change in your address and telephone number.  Please provide an emergency telephone number and also the name and address of a carer if you are not available. 

If we are unable to contact you we may decide to take your child to a doctor for treatment.

Wherever possible, medicines should be given at home.  Because of the possibility of mistakes, medicines are not normally administered in school.  If a doctor decides there is no alternative, the school may be able to assist.  Parents should see teachers in person, explain precisely the details of what is involved and fill out appropriate forms.

If it should be necessary for your child to leave the school premises for any reason such as a dental appointment, please give the school notice and arrange for your child to be collected.  For safety reasons, under no circumstances will children be allowed to leave school unaccompanied during school session times.

For children with on-going medical conditions such as asthma, etc., it is important that parents provide full information on the condition and its treatment in an emergency, by school staff.  If this applies to your child, please call in at the office to complete or update us with this information.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, no matter how careful we are.  Serious accidents are rare in school, minor accidents are more common. 

The staff and governors aim to minimise accidents by:

  • ensuring the premises and equipment are safe for all personnel and risk assessments are up-to-date
  • ensuring that safety rules are observed and that children behave in ways which minimise accidents

If an accident occurs, the staff will respond appropriately, complying with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations scheme administered by the Health and Safety Executive and Somerset County Council’s own internal reporting scheme.