In the light of the tragic events that have taken place in and around schools during recent times (Dunblane, etc), the Governors review security at Ashill School on a regular basis.  Straightforward and inexpensive measures have been taken which have meant significant improvements in school security. The school is monitored by CCTV.

A list of “Actions in the Event of a Crisis” has been distributed to all parents and is posted around the school in every room and on the notice board for parents, etc.

Equal Opportunities

Our aim is to ensure equal opportunities for all children and adults in our school.  We try to positively promote this policy and recognise each individual’s importance.  We hope to develop positive perceptions of each person’s role and the wide range of possibilities open to them.


We at Ashill School take the safeguarding of our children very seriously. We fully support guidance that says safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. This means that all our staff are recruited in accordance to DCSF Safer Recruitment and the Independent Safeguarding Authority requirements.

We have a fully trained Lead Child Protection Officer in the school, who currently is Mr D P Scotney (Headteacher). We also have a Deputy Child Protection Lead person who is Miss E Andrews.

If you have any safeguarding concerns about a child in our school, then you should share these concerns with the Child Protection Lead, Deputy Lead. If we have any concerns about your child, we will also share these with you. We do work in close partnership with other agencies and we have a duty to discuss serious concerns we may have about a child with these agencies. There may be circumstances which require us to contact them before speaking with you, but these will be the exception not the norm. We strive to maintain open and honest communication both within our school and with parents/carers. Our ethos is one of co-operative vigilance.

By working together we can all ensure we keep the children at Ashill school as safe as possible.

OFSTED Inspection

The school was last inspected in February 2013 and the outcome was outstanding in all areas. A link to the report can be found on our homepage and under (Appendix C) along with other OFSTED information and a link to Parent View.

And Finally...

Now that you have read all about our school, we hope that it is the kind of school that you have in mind for your child.  You are always most welcome to visit Ashill School to see us in action.  Much care has gone into compiling this document in order that you have accurate information.  However, schools have to adapt to change all the time and already some of this information may be out of date.  Naturally, cost precludes continual amendment; instead the regular newsletters aim to keep you informed of any changes and additions.


September, 2013