Pupil's Attendance

The DFE regulations require that a school publishes information about rates of authorised and unauthorised absence during the reporting period from September 2015 and up to and including July 2016.

  1. The total number of registered pupils of compulsory school age on roll for at least one session during this reporting period: 48
  2. The percentage of half days missed through authorised absence during this reporting period: 2.7%
  3. The percentage of half days missed through unauthorised absence during this reporting period. 0.3%

Notes on Absence at Ashill School:

Ashill School does not have an attendance problem.  All absences are accounted for and recorded.  We ask that parents please keep us informed of their child’s absence by 10.00am that day.  If we have not received a call we will ring and enquire about the reason for absence.

In addition to a phone call, the school also requires a note immediately following an absence, explaining the circumstances.  This is for absence auditing purposes.  Please try to avoid term time holidays.  The Local Authority has issued the following guidance for schools and parents regarding holidays in term-time.  The intention is to promote the highest level of school attendance for all Somerset school children.  This school is committed to adopting this approach.  The LA recommends that schools refuse to authorise ‘leave’ requests for holidays in term-time when –

  • They are not for the sole family holiday AND there are no exceptional and compelling reasons for this holiday being taken during term-time i.e. 5 to 10 days duration
  • The holiday exceeds 10 days for such a purpose in any school/academic year.
  • The timing of the holidays is critical to the pupil’s educational progress eg preparation for exams or SATs/actual exams or SATs; beginning of a new academic year; the first year in a new school.
  • When the pupil has a poor attendance record which includes exclusions


  • When ‘leave’ is not requested well in advance

All schools are being asked to apply the ‘exceptional circumstances’ criteria to any holiday requests being made during term-time.

Cheap holidays would obviously not fall in to the ‘exceptional circumstances’ category.  Further, there is NO entitlement to any family taking 10 days term-time holiday as some kind of allowance.  Unless Headteachers are very persuaded by the ‘exceptional circumstances’ of the holiday request, they are not required to sanction, and therefore register (where any pupil takes time out regardless) the absences as ‘Unauthorised’.

The school holds LA holiday leave application forms for you to complete.  For general absence a simple signed note will suffice.