Partnership Agreement

The school has a duty to provide education but your child spends only a small portion of his/her time in school.  The rest of the education goes on outside school, at home and in the community.  The mutual support that home and school can give your child will help us to make the most of all opportunities.

A home/school partnership can exist without any formal arrangements but it has been generally felt for some time by the Governing Body that a signed, formal statement would assist by giving it clarity of meaning and a framework for reference.  The Schools Standards and Framework Act 1998 requires all schools to have a Home-School Agreement in operation. 

A copy of the Partnership Agreement is attached to this prospectus (Appendix C).   Please sign it with your child (not applicable to Rec/KS1 children) and return it to school.  We will photocopy it and return a copy to you.