Ashill School Swimming

News, Notice-Board

Parents are kept informed of forthcoming events and other matters in regular numbered newsletters brought home by children. These serve as supplementary to this information. A notice-board by the gate gives useful up-to-date information, as does the notice-board in the cloakroom of Class 1.


The Juniors swim for one session a week for half a term, usually in the Spring.  We use the Cresta Pool at Chard which provides the opportunity for children to progress well in swimming.  Their achievements are monitored carefully and are rewarded with certificates for achievement or endeavour.

We ask for a voluntary contribution to cover expenses at the pool.  The transport is paid for by the PTFA.  All children are expected to take part in this activity unless unfit to swim, in which case a note should be sent to your child’s teacher.

In Year 5/6, there is also the opportunity to be involved in an area schools swimming gala.

Medical Examinations

From time to time you will be informed that your child is due to be examined in school for hearing, vision and dental tests.  You will be contacted if the results give any cause for concern.

School Book Week

A Book Week is organised during the Spring or Summer term. A Fair is usually organised as part of a school book week where we also invite storytellers, poets, illustrators, etc, to raise the children’s awareness of a wide range and variety of books.