Extra Curricular Activities

Certain club activities are organised and run by staff, parents and sometimes the School Council.  These usually take place after school.  In the case of after school activities you will be asked to give your consent.  It should be noted that these activities are provided voluntarily so it may be necessary to limit numbers if demand is too great.

As a guide, club activities have included:

Football Rounders Film Netball
Athletics Lego Science Gardening
Cookery Modern Dance Hockey Coding
Running Singing Recorders Art

In 2002 the school was awarded The Schools Extra Award for its out-of-school-hours learning and commitment to the enrichment of young people’s education.


A certain amount of homework is good practice for secondary school.  All children are encouraged to take home reading/library books in their waterproof book bags or the homework folders provided for KS2.  Homework is formally set as follows:

KS1 - Year 1   Spellings on Fridays
KS1 - Year 2   Literacy and Spellings on Fridays
KS2   Spellings on Fridays
KS2   Literacy on Mondays
 KS2   Mathematics on Tuesdays

You can assist by seeing that your child has a quiet place in which to work, ensuring that homework is done carefully and returned the next day.

We do hope parents will enjoy sharing books at home with their children, throughout their time at our school.  From the reception class onwards, children will bring home books to enjoy with their parents.  Sometimes they will be books for you to read or to look at with them.  Sometimes they will be books to read together and sometimes they will be books which your child will want to read to you.

As children become older, we hope you will also help them to learn spellings or number bonds (e.g. multiplication tables).  Teachers will keep you informed of any help you can give your child.

On occasions children will be encouraged to follow up work on a topic at home, perhaps by carrying out further research or working on a whole school task such as school art competitions, etc.