Ashill School Visits

Educational Visits

Visits to places of interest take place regularly.  These are designed to be stimulating extensions to the curriculum.  Visits include an annual residential trip for Key Stage 2 children which provides invaluable social and educational experiences for the children.

Ashill School Climbing at Kilve

Enjoying wall climbing at Kilve

For off-site visits, notes will be sent home seeking parental permission.  For visits in the vicinity of the school (within easy walking distance), parental permission is sought for the duration of a child’s time in Ashill School on admission.

Clubs consent forms are sought on a yearly basis.

Charging Policy

The Education Reform Act 1988 sets our provisions on charging for school activities.

The purpose of the charging provisions are:

  • To maintain the right to free school education
  • To ensure that activities offered in normal school time should be available to all pupils regardless of their parents’ ability or willingness to pay
  • To give to LEAs and school the discretion to charge for optional activities wholly or mainly out of school hours
  • To confirm that schools may invite voluntary contributions for the benefit of the school or in support of any activity organised by the school either in or outside school hours
  • To ensure that families in receipt of DSS benefits are not disadvantaged

The areas affected by these regulations are those of educational visits during term time which affect more than 50% of the school time-tabled day or week and for which there is an additional cost, e.g. school residential trip, educational visits, swimming, etc.  Such activities will have to be supported by voluntary contributions from parents, as official funds are not able to meet these expenses.  If sufficient funds are not received in this way to cover the cost, then the activity/visit may have to be cancelled.

Parents are normally responsible for charges incurred by the Somerset Music instrument tuition service for children learning an instrument.  These lessons are professionally led.  Please ask to see a copy of the school’s Music Charging policy for further details.