As a school, we feel it is important to promote a caring and supportive environment to enable all members of the school community to feel secure, respected and, therefore, promote good behaviour in others.  The development of personal qualities and social skills and the fostering of socially acceptable behaviour are an integral aspect of the school curriculum.

  • We aim to encourage high standards of behaviour, work, respect, speech and dress.  The standards we expect depend upon the example of us all
  • We aim for everyone to respect themselves, every other person, their own possessions and those of others
  • We aim to demand a respect for property of the school from the daily materials to the school buildings and grounds
  • We aim to ensure that our visual impact is important for pupils, staff and the community, so litter, graffiti and damaged property have no place in Ashill School
  • We aim to address incidents of bullying immediately.  Verbal or physical bullying will not be tolerated in Ashill School.  We will deal with this problem through the “No Blame Approach to Bullying”
  • We aim to be fully committed to the positive value of praise and motivation and to make good use of reward as recognition of high standards
  • We aim to recognise pupils’ achievements and respond with appropriate praise and reward

Rules for behaviour are derived from the aims listed above.  They are few in number, based on common sense and are simple to use and remember.  Most importantly, the children fully understand why we have rules and the consequences for everyone if they are broken.

The school has a code of conduct agreed by staff, governors and children and is based upon the four “take cares”:

  • Take care of yourself and others
  • Take care of your school
  • Take care of your environment both locally and globally
  • Take care of your work and equipment

This Code of Conduct, which contains a list of more specific items, is included in the School Behaviour Policy.

A poster (compiled by the children) is placed in each classroom and other major areas of the school as an eye catching, effective tool for reinforcing this Code of Conduct.  It has a smiling face logo (chosen from a school competition) and is based on the word HAPPY.

Help take care of our School and everything in it
Always try to do your best and enjoy whatever you do
Please be kind and helpful to everyone                              
Put others first
You can make our School a happy place

We believe it is important to have a reward system in place that recognises all forms of social and academic achievement and effort.

A copy of the full Behaviour Policy (reviewed November 2013) is available for reference from the school office and can also be found under key information.

The School Council for 2014-15 was formally elected during the Summer Term 2014.