Assessment, Recording, Reporting

This school’s policy on the above reflects the schools aims, the aims and principles of this LA’s policy and the requirements of the National Curriculum.  A brief summary of the policy follows:

Learning, teaching and assessment are inextricably linked.  We believe that emphasis should be given to positive achievement and our assessment is concerned with the development of the “whole child”.

Assessment, recording and reporting helps pupils to:

  • recognise and celebrate a wide range of achievements
  • identify their strengths and areas for reinforcement and development
  • take responsibility for, and make informed judgements about their future learning

It helps teachers to:

  • be aware of their pupil’s achievements in order to guide their future teaching
  • evaluate the effectiveness of teaching strategies and materials in their curriculum planning

It helps the school to:

  • make informed judgements relating to the way the curriculum is planned and resourced
  • communicate effectively pupils’ achievements to parents, governors and other responsible parties

During your child’s first year in school, the teacher will assess development in relation to the early learning goals outlined in section 35 (the Curriculum).  These assessments are made on the basis of accumulating observations and knowledge of the whole child.  By the end of their Reception year, a profile will be used to sum up that knowledge and will form the basis of the end of year report.

Older children will be given Mathematics and English tests for assessment purposes in line with all Somerset schools.  Careful records of each child’s progress are kept by the teaching staff, some of which will be passed on to the relevant secondary school. Phonics screening for Year 1,  National Curriculum assessments for Year 2 (KS1) and tests for Year 6 (KS2) are carried out in the Summer Term. 

Also, children are given reading and writing assessments termly for our own records in order that progress can be accurately monitored.  Non-statutory assessment tests in Maths and English are taken by Years 3 to 5 in the Summer Term to help gauge end of year achievement.

There is formal target setting for all the pupils once a term in the core subjects of Literacy and Numeracy and with additional social targets if applicable.  Targets are statements about what the pupils should be striving to achieve to raise attainment and are both challenging and realistic.  The setting of targets is for pupil’s learning and attainment and is part of Ashill School’s overall approach to planning for improvement.  A detailed school-tracking document will follow your child from Reception to Year 6 detailing progress and other important information.

Reporting Progress to Parents

Parent/Teacher consultation interviews are held twice a year in the Spring and Summer terms where targets are reviewed and discussed and frank dialogue can take place concerning your child’s progress.  However, if it is felt necessary to discuss any issue at another time then parents are welcome to come into school.  All we would ask is that teachers are not disturbed during lesson times.  For more personal or confidential problems, it would be appreciated if an appointment were made by contacting the office.  Parents are also invited into school for special events and curriculum evenings.   A written report and curriculum overview is sent home during the Summer Term with an invitation to discuss its contents with the class teacher.