Aims and Missions Statement

Mission Statement:

To create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which
all members of the school community grow in self-esteem
and develop their potential as human beings

Aims of the School – Learning together:

The aim of the school is to enable each child to develop to the fullest extent in all aspects of the curriculum and spiritual awareness.  We provide children with an education appropriate to the world outside the classroom and strive to foster within them a love of lifelong learning and a desire to continue to expand their knowledge and skills throughout life.

We provide an environment where children can successfully live together in a community which promotes a sensitivity to others, responsibility and independence.  High expectations of behaviour and a positive sense of moral responsibility are uppermost in our philosophy at Ashill.

The staff work closely together and have established a collective, whole school approach.  This has led to a high level of consistency and progression both in the delivery of the curriculum and the ways in which we help to prepare children for life.  To help us fulfil these aims, we need the closest possible co-operation of parents.