Admission Arrangements


The admissions arrangements for September 2018 are as follows:

Prospective parents are always welcome and actively encouraged to visit the school to assess the opportunities provided for their children.  Please contact the school to make an appointment. 

Somerset LA’s policy provides for one admission time each academic year.  A child whose fifth birthday falls between 1 September 2018 and 31 August 2019 may be admitted at start of the Autumn Term 2018.

Our present planned admission number (PAN) is 8.  This means that we can take up to that number in each year group.

If there are more children than places, the following criteria will be used to allocate places.

Over subscription criteria – to be applied in strict priority order:

  • Children Looked After (children in the care of the Local Authority) whose care placement is currently being considered at an address within the catchment area
  • Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) which names the school
  • Children living in the catchment area with an older sibling at the school at the time of allocation of places and who live at the same address
  • Children living in the catchment area
  • Children living outside of the catchment area with an older sibling at the school at the time of admission and who live at the same address
  • Children living outside the catchment area, but nearest to the school


Important Notes:

  1. Where a child does not have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or is not on Level 2/3 of School Action Plan but whose attendance is necessary at a particular school because, for example, of a physical disability, the admission authority for that school will be required to admit that child.  Advice of the appropriate multi-professional services will be sought in all cases.
  2. If there are not enough places to satisfy all the applications under any one criterion, the following will apply:
    • For all children whose home is in the catchment area: priority will be given to those who have a longer (straight line measurement) journey, to an alternative school
    • For children whose home is outside the catchment area: priority will be given to those living nearest the school (straight line measurement)
    • A child’s permanent home address is defined as one at which the child lives for the majority of their time.  For children who are subject to shared care arrangements, their home address will be determined by the provision of corroborating evidence
  3. All "straight line measurements" are taken using a digital mapping system.

If no place is available, parents have a right to appeal to an Appeals Committee.  Information about the procedure and necessary forms will be sent to parents.

To apply for a place at Ashill School, you can do so online at before 15th January 2015 or you can complete a paper application. If you need a paper application form or have any queries, please contact Somerset Direct on (0845) 4564038

New reception parents will be invited to visit the school for an induction evening in June.  Two visits will be made by the new children to experience activities during school sessions and to meet and familiarise themselves with Class 1. Miss Andrews (Reception/Key Stage 1 teacher) will also make frequent liason visits to the preschool.

Your child will be presented with a booklet which will be compiled by Class 1 explaining ‘Life in Reception/Key Stage 1’ and will also introduce other members of staff.  We have found that this is an excellent light-hearted resource for parents and children to read and talk about together during the summer holidays.

During the first term, parents are invited to discuss the settling in period.

The First Few Days:

On starting school your child may miss the warmth and security of your presence.  A feeling of jealousy may arise if younger children are thought to be getting your individual attention at home.  Counter this by setting aside time for your “school” child to have your full attention as soon as school is over.  Talk about the day’s happenings at school and at home to smooth out nagging worries.

Be prepared for changes in behaviour at first.  School affects children in different ways.  Mostly it is tiredness – some children may be cross and irritable.  Some will fall asleep or just become very quiet.  Be patient and don’t ask too many questions.  They will tell you about it in their own good time.

Try to hide anxiety you may feel over progress or lack of it.  Not all children settle to learning at the same time, or progress at the same speed.  You will, I am sure, be eager to help your child all you can but please beware of putting too much pressure on your child to succeed.