Welcome to Ashill Community Primary School

Hopefully, our prospectus will provide you with useful information and enable you to gain an insight into our school.  However, a visit to the school is the only way to really appreciate the uniqueness of Ashill Community Primary School, so please feel welcome to come and look around.

Developing a love of learning is a key focus and this is achieved by delivering a creative, broad and balanced curriculum, which is continually tailored to the learning needs of our pupils. All staff are highly experienced and committed to supporting all students to reach their potential. 

Equal importance is placed on creating a caring and supportive environment which allows each child to become confident, self-reliant and able to articulate feelings and ideas.  Our close community ensures that all children feel good about themselves and acquire a high level of self-esteem.  This strong sense of community also assists children in developing a positive moral responsibility, being supportive, sensitive and aware of the needs of others.    

A strong home-school relationship is essential and thus a working partnership between pupils, parents and all staff is a great strength of Ashill School. Parental involvement is encouraged at all levels; from supporting your child with homework to sharing your skills by coming into schools or running clubs.


Childhood is a very precious time and, therefore, we are committed to ensuring that all our students have a positive experience throughout their primary education.  By the time they leave our care, all pupils are ready and prepared to move on to the next phase of their education.   


Much time is spent compiling and updating this prospectus so hopefully the majority of information is accurate.  However, as you can appreciate, some details will change over the year.  Please contact the school if you need any clarification, or refer to recent newsletters which may contain the required information.


We look forward to working in partnership with you.


Helen Woodhams

Head of the Small Schools Hub

Dear Parents,


Welcome to Ashill School


We hope this prospectus will provide useful information and enable you to gain an insight into our School.  However, no booklet is a substitute for a visit, so please do come and have a look for yourselves.


At Ashill we pride ourselves on delivering in small classes a carefully planned, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum with our highly experienced, professional staff.  In addition to gaining literacy, numeracy, scientific and technological skills, your child will develop confidence, self-reliance, learn to make decisions and to articulate feelings and ideas.  We also attach great importance to the development of the children’s social skills and to enable them to build relationships with other children and adults and to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.


Ashill School aims to provide a happy, caring and structured environment in which learning can take place and where each person is valued as an individual and encouraged to fulfil his or her potential whatever their needs.  We work hard to ensure that all our children feel good about themselves and acquire a high level of self-esteem.  We believe that if you feel successful, you will always achieve success.


A strong home/school relationship is essential and your involvement in the education process is crucial.  We aim to provide frequent opportunities to keep you fully informed about your child.  We are very keen to promote parental involvement at all levels and if you have any spare time to come into school and work alongside us, you will be made very welcome.


Childhood, we would all agree, is a very precious time and you can rely on us to do our very best to make it as productive and happy as possible for your child.  With your support we can.


Much care has gone into compiling this document in order that you have accurate information.  However, schools have to adapt and change all the time so regular newsletters aim to keep you informed of any changes.   


We look forward to working in partnership with you.




David Scotney


 A Message from the Chair of Governors 

Welcome to Ashill Community Primary School! 

We are proud to offer a caring family atmosphere in which we see the development of the whole child, academically, spiritually and socially. We aim for our children to become responsible adults making a positive contribution to society and to their local communities.

The Board of Governors works closely with the Headteacher and staff to provide the very best education for the children of our school. We are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance and effectiveness of the school, for ensuring that the budget is managed prudently and for supporting our dedicated staff.

Our PTFA are very active and organise a variety of activities and events throughout the school year. The funds raised help to enrich the experiences to which our children have access.

We are proud of our school, its history and achievements. The world of education is constantly changing and we will keep abreast of the developments and initiatives with which we are challenged. Our children’s future is our primary concern and we look forward to working in partnership with parents and friends.

Mark Shelvey

Chair of Governors

Ashill Community Primary School